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About University of Tehran

The University of Tehran in February 1313 was founded with the idea of ​​establishing a center for higher education in Iran. This university, among the institutes and organizations affiliated to the higher education of the country, in every respect and in every respect, enjoy a privileged position. In fact, if the variables such as history and date Teaching high-level and high-level teachers, educating outstanding students, the plurality of students, professors and staff, the value of formal qualifications in and out of the country, linking and interacting with executive agencies and industrial, administrative, executive, etc. companies, having libraries And well-equipped laboratories, multiple disciplines and colleges and institutes Affiliated, located in the capital and in the city center, and ... the criteria for determining the credibility and importance of a university, of course, the University of Tehran should be considered the most prestigious and most important universities in the country. It is not uncontested that the university is referred to as the University of the Mother and the symbol of higher education.